I am a multicultural freelance filmmaker from South Korea. I have also lived in Singapore and the United Kingdom. As a creative, I believe art is related to travel and have developed my artistic talent while being inspired on my travels.

You can see my portfolio and read more about my current work. Take time to look through. This site is a hub for both my professional portfolio of film and photography, and my professional experiences.

My Life Goals

At heart, I am a story-teller.

For me, filmmaking and photography are tools to reach people and communicate with them. I believe these tools can change your life in a better way. I want to create content that can influence people, change attitudes and contribute to their lives.

I aim for perfection in all my work and want to inspire people: this is what motivates me in my creative work. My style is cinematic and fluid, which can be seen through my preferred colour palette and the range of atmosphere throughout my film and photography. I am experienced in creating the right sound for the right mood as I believe that sound design is an essential aspect of my film.

Watch my portfolio

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