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The short film is inspired by Wes Anderson’s a remake film of Forrest Gump.

Who is Wes Anderson

Wesley Wales Anderson was born May 1, 1969, is an American film director & screenwriter. His films are known as for their distinctive colour palette and narrative styles. Three of his films – The Royal Tenenbaums, Moonrise Kingdom and The Grand Budapest Hotel – appeared in BBC’s 2016 poll of the greatest films since 2000. I believe that it is hard to find people who have not watched his movie, especially The Grand Budapest Hotel. I also knew him at first through this film.


The style of his film

It has a beautiful harmony of colour, and just caught me into the movie itself. The colour Palette of the film is literally fabulous. He loved to use monologue colour palette through the film. For instance, the colour palette just bellow can explain well how he combine monologue colours in a scene. Also, he used outstanding pastel colours, such as pink, hot pink and purple, which makes audience to feel nostalgic and surreal.


Inspiration as a trend

Many filmmakers have been producing films that are inspired by Wes Anderson’s style, especially his distinct cinematic visuals, limited colour palette, tracking camera angle and his subtle comedy sense. Amongst them, what fascinated me is the way he is brilliant to deal with colour. I would say that all his films attract me when it comes to the aspect of plot and technical skills especially The Grand Budapest Hotel. However, in terms of the way he handles colour throughout his films, it seems to be perfect on my point of view. That is why I was determined to create a short film that is inspired by him.


Content Analysis

The boy in the striped pajamas – that I chose to describe as a short film by using Wes Anderson’s style.

This movie is the content that I wanted to describe and remake with my preference as well as the style of Wes Anderson. I am personally fairly interested in the story of the Holocaust. It is a tragedy in the world history. Many filmmakers therefore have made contents related to the historical tragic.

Me and team members, Jan and Kristina, had watched the film carefully and decided how the storyboard flows based on the story. It had taken a few days until we decided which scenes we are going to depict on. It is because each has different storyboard in their heads so that it needed for us to communicate in detail and negotiate somewhere in the middle, in a good way. However, the significant thing is that it really depends on what props we can find since we can not take a scene without props. So finding props started with the aim of what want to we achieve.


Finding the Props we need to be appeared in the film

Most importantly, what I had to do at first is finding the props we need. It was difficult because they are mostly historical things. Me and members went to city centre looking around to find props we think to need. From Coventry market to big franchise stores whether it is a secondary goods or brand new, we spent about 1 month in order for finding props. Moreover, it is important for the props to look in a way in which they are from the past since there are historical items. So after finding them, we made them dirty, scratched and so on. Finally, it looked perfect to use as props.


Target Audiences

Film Lovers, Client, The Holocaust

Film is considered as the most be-loved art format for people to enjoy in modern days. Many people like Wes Anderson’s art because it is a highly controlled form of art. He tends to control everything within his work. It can give audience who is watching his art extreme pleasure.

Not only fans of him but also whom The Holocaust may it concerns would highly be interested in the project as victim does not easily forget history. This sort of tragedy must not happen again in the future. It is strongly needed to stress out throughout the film.

Last but not least, this style of art, overhead shot and refined art, can attract potential client for my latter freelance work. By using the project as a portfolio, I will be able to promote it to the market.


Set-up for shooting, overhead shot

For the time being, we got to the stage where we filmed. In order to shoot scenes from top to down, it is required to do overhead shot. It is not common technique though, many filmmakers and directors have often used intentionally. At first, I was a bit confused of how I need to set lights up for it, how to fix camera above to shoot in top-down way, etc. So I searched and studied related tutorials loads of times and finally sorted out how I should do. The thing is that it was needed at least 2 lights, powerful ones at least over 300 watt per each, diffusions and 90 degree tripod. Very luckily, MLS has got all of resources that I mentioned here. Then, I tested them out whether it worked well as I thought it would be, and it did. Now it is time to go to the next.


Sound Design Outsourcing

Most of filmmaker emphasises of the importance of sound, saying that sound takes up 50% of a film. I definitely agree with it. In order to make this film perfect (as much as possible), I realised that if I work with the sound part it would not be perfect as much as I thought. So I started finding someone who will be able to be charge of it. During the search, I found guys who are studying at Westminister University in London and are Korean and Swiss. I contacted him and explained my situation and he was literally happy to work with me. Then, we discussed and composed together over 2 months. While we were working on, we met only twice face to face. The rest time we communicated virtually on Skype and voice call, which was absolutely not easy. From explaining my idea to directing the detail, I felt that collaboration always goes wrong from time to time. In the middle of work, I went to London to see the process and discuss the detail.


Editing Cuts

As an editor, I selected the best shot of each scenes and arranged them as a story line. Editing is a time-consuming work amongst the component of filmmaking. The silver lining is that we have not got too much footage on us. I could finish the editing cuts in a day fortunately.


Colour Correction & Grading


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